National Cyclists' Memorial, Meriden

Meriden is said to be the centre-most point of England, and for this very reason, there stands the National Cyclists' Memorial.

Erected in 1921, the memorial commemorates all those cyclists that left their homes across the country to take up arms for King and Country.  An additional plaque was added in 1963 to remember those lost in the Second World War.

Cycling was a large part of life for many people in the early 20th century.  It was an important mode of transport, was a tool for much employment and allowed many to holiday also.  How the towns and countryside of Britain must have seemed empty without millions of young men, many of them with their bicycles. 

Every third Sunday in May, a memorial service is held on the green. 

The Bulls Head

Once you've visited the memorial, lunch at the Bulls Head is a must.  This 17th Century coaching inn mixes the traditional look of exposed beams and a roaring fire alongside modern decor.  The menu is extensive and you certainly won't be disappointed!