Holocaust Survivor Testimony - 27 November

For those of you that have seen my blog before, you might remember that in my spare time I volunteer for the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET).

HET is a charity dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and ensuring people never forget this horrifying part of history.  One of my roles with HET is that of organising opportunities for Holocaust survivors to share their stories, the next of which will be held on 27 November 18:00-21:00 at Westminster Kingsway College, Soho Centre on Peter Street.

Come and hear from the amazing Mala Tribich.  Mala went through horrific conditions under occupation, in ghettos and finally at the notorious Bergen-Belsen. 

It is so important to listen to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors.  They lived, endured and most importantly survived so that they may tell the world about the dangers of hate and persecution.  We all have a role to play in continuing to spread the word about tolerance and understanding between individuals and communities.  We must never forget what humanity did in the 1930s and 40s, and on Thursday 27 November, we have the opportunity to be frankly reminded of this period.  

I have been lucky enough to hear from a number of survivors, and they continue to inspire me as they live their lives as strong determined and warm people.  I hope everyone gets the opportunity to meet these truly extraordinary people. 

Drinks and canapes will be served. 

Tickets are now on sale and all profits will go to the Trust: 

I hope you can join me, but more importantly, hear from an incredible woman.