Combat Stress & Friends of Princess of Wales Royal Regiment

On Wednesday 22 October, I was delighted to be one of the keynote speakers at a Combat Stress and Friends of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment fundraiser.  

I spoke about the East Surrey's in their early Great War engagements and Captain Andrew Richardson, currently serving with the 2nd Battalion gave a great insight into British Army's current reorganising processes and future deployment. 

More than 65 people were in attendance for a lovely dinner in Surrey.  

My speech was split into two sections, the first discussing the ways in which we were all connected to the First World War, not only through our relatives, but through our language, the shops we go to and the transport we use to pick up on just a few elements. 

The second half traced the first movements of the East Surreys, from mobilisation on 4th August,  receiving reservists and heading straight down to the firing range to practice their shooting.  The East Surreys were engaged at Mons, 'shooting well and steady' and lost many men at Le Cateau. 

At Hill 60 during Second Ypres, the regiment performed perhaps their most heroic actions, winning 3 VC's, 2 MC's and 7 DCM's. 

The event raised £1000 for Combat Stress and the Friends of Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.  Well done all!