Austria Remembers

I have recently returned from a great weeks holiday relaxing by the lakes in Austria.  If you are looking to escape from the day to day stresses and strains, enjoy stunning scenery and fresh air, Austria is the perfect place! 

As we all know, the First World War was a truly global conflict.  Before the Centenary came around in August, here in the UK there was much debate about how Britain should commemorate the First World War.  In fact I seem to remember two weeks of the medias attention taken up with squabbling over whether 'celebrating' was the correct terminology to use when it came to recognising the start of the conflict.  

I've been delighted with the centenary commemorations in the UK so far.  They have been frequent, varied in style and have taken place across the country. 

But what are other countries doing? 

Austria was at the heart of the beginnings of the First World War - it was of course the heir to the Hapsburg throne that was assassinated in Sarajevo in July 1914.  This act of political murder started the countdown to war. 

Just like almost every town and village in the UK, there are war memorials in Austria's towns and villages commemorating their men that marched off to war and didn't come home.  

Perhaps the Second World War memorials are more surprising.  They provoke different thoughts, especially with those famous helmets on show.  But beneath the morals of war, their aims and objectives, all countries involved lost too many young men, and visible memorials are an important part of ensuring that the next generation never forgets. 

Where ever we are, we will remember them.