Take Lots of Photographs and Don't Delete Them!

I recently bought a new laptop, and on transferring my photographs to the new machine, found out that I had used almost all of my memory space.  It didn't take long to find out how that had happened - I had 22,000 photographs on there! 

Admittedly they weren't all battlefield photographs, there were lots of questionable ones from my Uni days where I'm throwing shapes on the dance floor often with a luminous blue tongue it seems! 

On scrolling through my battlefield snaps, I saw that I had many of the same photograph taken on different trips and tours.  I thought about deleting these but then realised that some of what I saw in the early days of my trips more than ten years ago can now no longer be seen. 

Some bunkers and points of interest have been reclaimed by nature, so those photos are all that remain of their existence.  Some bunkers have been left to fall into a state of disrepair and each picture shows a different element crumbling away.  It is such a shame when I return to spots to see that we can no longer view or enter bunkers which raises a question about whether there should be human intervention to protect these sites (though many are on private farmland). 

The morale of the story...don't delete those battlefield photographs!