Passchendaele 100 Years On

On 30th July, the night before the centenary, official commemorations began to mark 100 years since the beginning of the Third Battle of Ypres, commonly referred to as Passchendaele. 

Passchendaele is synonymous with suffering and sacrifice. Between 31 July and November 1917, a series of set-piece battles, piecemeal attacks and individual acts of incredible bravery claimed the lives of 76,580 British and Commonwealth soldiers.  Similarly, around 65,000 Germans lost their lives in four months of gruelling warfare. 

With just a few miles separating Ypres from the Channel Ports and with it the Allied supply routes, it was absolutely essential to ensure Ypres did not fall into German hands. 

Whether you are new to the subject matter, or if you've been meaning to visit a relative's resting place, I'd be delighted to help bring the stories of our nation's past to life. 

Explore the stories of the men and women who served, and make your pilgrimage with me. 

Royals take part in the commemorations 

Royals take part in the commemorations