Sophie enabled me to fulfill a very long held desire to keep a personal hundred year anniversary of my grandfather’s First World War service. The area involved was away from the usual historical sites, but she had researched it in detail and was able to discover the exact location. Moreover, with very little to go on, she had traced the actions in which my grandfather was involved both before and after the significant date. Although my grandfather told many stories about his war experience, he had never hinted about his engagement in close combat. Sophie’s research, and the way she relayed it on site, has radically transformed my understanding of what he went through.

Sophie and her father, Steve, who drove and is also highly knowledgeable, gave very pleasant and interesting company. They had devised a short programme of other site visits to put my grandfather’s service in context.
— Mrs Powell, Manchester
Each visit to the battlefields is amazing. Thanks @Sophie_1WWTours . I made a point choosing you as guide
— Rogerio, Rio de Janeiro
Just like to thank you for a very enlightening day yesterday. It was my first ever visit to any First World War site and it certainly opened my eyes.
— Mr Brinson, Kent
Sophie is a brilliant tour guide and is very passionate about the tours she is on. Will recommend all to visit these historic sites with her as the guide. You will not be disappointed.
— A Miah, London
Highly insightful, very knowledgeable group leader, with a very clear passion and emotive for her subject. Sophie takes you to the Battle Fields not just visually but mentally as well. Great value for money.
— J Coombes, Bristol
I found the tour interesting, moving and thoughtful. Sophie’s description of the places in which we were standing truly helped me to visualise what the landscape might have looked like 100 years ago - muddy, war-torn, a mass of trenches. The talk also personalised the history, which I find so important. It meant that the thousands of graves in Tyne Cot Cemetery became people again, even those whose headstone simply states ‘A Soldier of the Great War’. Sophie’s description of the sacrifices and bravery these men had shown made me quite emotional, and made me extremely proud of my own grandfather, who I know fought somewhere on the front. It was an unforgettable day and I would certainly consult Sophie on more extended tours in this area. Highly recommended.
— Miss Dalziel, London
It was a delight to have you as a guide.  I have visited Tyne Cot three times and your briefing was the best, concise and clearest I have witnessed.
— Mr Tootle, Deputy Lieutenant, Kent
Great day out and excellent value for money . Superb organization with a first rate knowledgeable , enthusiastic guide . The commentary was pitched at just the right level . Well done Sophie.

Would I recommend the trip others ? Most certainly !!
— L Galbraith, Scotland
The tour was fascinating, moving, humbling experience and one I shall remember for a very long time. Thank you!
— Mr Fordham, London
Thank you Sophie, we had a wonderful time during our trip with your guidance and teaching!
— Denise Rivera, Rio de Janeiro
An excellent day, interesting, thought provoking and very well organised.
— Mr King LVO, London
Let me thank you for your excellent running commentary during the recent Ypres trip. Your knowledge was quite amazing.
— Mr Moger, Kent
Just wanted to say you were marvellous!
— Mr Thomas, Kent